Case Studies

Aldinga Managed Aquifer Recharge

Industry: Water
Location: Aldinga, SA
Customer: SA Water

BackgroundAldinga MAR Site

This project was completed for SA Water to increase the storage and recycling of water.

The recycled water stored in the aquifer is   sourced from the Christies Beach wastewater treatment plant at a quality suitable for irrigation of vineyards.  Up to 400 megalitres (ML) of water can be stored per annum.

This project has enabled SA Water to increase the use of recycled water from the Christies Beach wastewater treatment plant, and thereby reduced the amount discharged to St Vincent Gulf. The project has also benefited the River Murray by reducing the amount of drinking water being used for irrigation.

The recycled water is used for irrigation by customers of the Willunga Basin Water Company. Willunga Basin Water Company currently supplies recycled water to more than 100 vineyards and irrigators located in the Willunga Basin.

APC Integration Electrical & Control Overview

APC Integration designed, programmed, installed and commissioned the electrical & control, consisting of the stainless steel switchboard, PLC, Touchscreen & Electrical cabling.

The Aldinga Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) project had four (4) Bore Compounds comprising of one fixed speed pump unit, injection and extraction flow meters, PRV's and pressure sensing equipment.

Aldinga MAR SwitchboardIn addition, the MAR Compound comprises of flow meters, pressure transmitters, pipe work manifold and manually operated valves to control the operation for either the injection or extraction of treated effluent to or from the bores.

During the injection period operators select which bore to inject. The injection pressure is controlled by a PRV at each bore compound and bore availability. Pressure sensors indicate when bores sites are at full capacity. Operators manually initiate an injection backwash when certain flow and pressure characteristics detected by the control system on each bore.

The operators select which bore pumps to operate (up to four at any one time) either via SCADA, the touch screen or locally at each bore.  A bore pump will automatically stop if the water level in a bore falls to below the bore pump stop level.

The complete operation is controlled locally via iFix SCADA and can be monitored from SA Waters operation centre.

Aldinga MAR SCADA Screen

SCADA overview screen

APC Integration has over 27 years of experience working in the water industry and can provide the latest technology solutions to ensure cost effective and highly robust solutions.