Case Studies

Pacific National Queensland

Automatic Equipment Identification

This project included the design, supply, integration, installation and commissioning of eleven Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) sites on Queensland's North Coast Rail Line operated by Queensland Rail.

The AEI sites utilize Tiefenbach wheel detectors for classification of locomotives and wagons into type, based on axle patterns and separation, and Transcore (Amtech brand) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for unique identification of each locomotive and wagon. The train build, or consist, is determined by processing wheel sensor timing data to identify the type and sequence of rolling stock, and then associating the sequenced RFID identifiers with the locomotives and wagons. Train build files carrying this information are created for each train and sent to Pacific National's Train Management System (TMS) in Parramatta where they are used to verify train builds along the rail corridor and at rail terminals where trains are built.

Sites communicate with the TMS using the GSM/GPRS cellular network (A CDMA1x/EV-DO communications option is planned for the near future). Sites are powered from mains where supply is available within close proximity. Solar powered sites are used where mains connection is not cost effective, resulting in a configuration free of electrical wiring to mains and telecommunications infrastructure.

Pacific National's AEI system is an important tool used in the safety regime and to provide logistics support. Incorrect train builds can result in rail corridor height violation and in incorrect train length. Both of these occurrences can result in safety hazards.

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