Case Studies

Pacific Stainless Processors

Steel Processing line electrical and control systems

This project included the design and installation of the electrical and control systems for three production processes. These were the Polishing line, a Slitting Line, and a Cut To Length Line. The machines were built and tested in Adelaide and installed and commissioned at the customer's premises in Warragamba, NSW.

The Polishing line takes a coil of stainless steel, uncoils it, polishes it, and then coils it back up again. The Line uses the latest Eurotherm Vector Drive to run a 45kW AC Drive where a DC drive would have been traditionally used. This resulted in significant savings in the motor/drive combination with excellent speed control rivalling the DC Motor/Drive option.

A Touch Screen Operator Interface was used to give the operator information on the status of the line and to display alarms messages.

The Slitting Line takes a coil of stainless steel, uncoils it, slits it into a smaller widths, and then coils it back up again. The line uses two DC drives, one for the Slitter and a larger one for the Recoiler. The line can operate in three modes, Recoil, Pull Slit, & Drive Slit. Back tension on the line is controlled by an ultrasonic sensor mounted on the Uncoiler which measures the decreasing diameter of the coil during production. The control system adjusts the brake tension accordingly with a Proportional Valve Controller operating a water cooled brake.

VISION software operates on an Industrial PC to provide a SCADA system for the Slitting Line. The Slitting line can run at a top speed of 150m/min and process stainless steel from 0.2 to 3.0 mm thick.
The Cut To Length Line takes a coil of stainless steel, uncoils its, makes it flat by passing the material through a Levelling machine, and then cuts it to length with a feeder drive and a Guillotine. The cut sheets of stainless are then stacked in the Stacker located at the end of the machine.

The Feed system for the Guillotine utilises a state of the art AC Servo Drive allowing positioning of the cut lengths of stainless to an accuracy of -0.08 mm to + 0.08 mm. The entire line also exceeded its design speed of 40m/min by 50%, to 60m/min, through the use of the AC Servo Drive allowing feeding speeds of up to 130m/min.

The positioning software was developed by APC. This line also utilises a Fully Enclosed Industrial PC running VISION SCADA software.

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