Energy & Carbon Monitoring

Energy monitoring sytemsAPC Integration specialises in Energy & Carbon monitoring covering electrical, gas, water and chemical usage in Industrial, Commercial buildings, factory and process control. We have complete custom built hardware to match plant needs.

We have software that can show you live information on electricity usage, gas usage, fuel, waste and even factory production.

The reporting allow for detailed data and reports to be generated. This typically results in savings ranging from 10% for a simple office to 30% for process control and refrigeration heavy industries.

Summary of features of APC Integrations services are:

  • Logging of energy data
  • Reducing energy usage
  • Power factor correction
  • Automated reporting of energy usage
  • Track peak usage and wastage
  • Can include water use, & recycled water
  • Ties in with automated building management

Simplified Costing Example

An example industrial customer uses approximately $100,000 per month in energy usage. After reviewing the site, the cost of installing a system to monitor the energy was estimated at $50,000 plus ongoing monitoring costs of approximately $5000 per month. The total cost of implementation for 12 months is $110,000. The estimated minimum savings from proven case studies is 10%, totalling an estimated $120,000 per year in savings. The payback period for this system is less than 12 months and results in continued energy savings $120,000 per year, every year.

Client & Projects lists

Zero Waste SA
Government Offices

Mount Barker Factory


Adelaide Shores
West Beach


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