Lonsdale Power Station PanelPower

When it comes to Power Stations, APCI has extensive experience necessary in providing the correct control equipment. We have a long history with providing our technical expertise.

We are even able to assist with the monitoring and control of smart grid technologies.

Clients & Projects

Lonsdale Power Station Relocation
Build of 8 Control panels used to provide monitoring and control of generators.

SA Generation Torrens Island Power Station
Demineralisation Plant - Control system upgrade, Workmate VISION, Siemens S7-300 and profibus network.

Data Gathering system - VB programming
Pelican Point Power Station - Pelican Point Demineralisation Plant Commissioning Sub contract to Aquaclear.

Munmorah Power Station
Coal Conveyer Control System - PLC Hardware implementation.

Vales Point Power Station
Polisher Re-generation - PLC hardware implementation; Mimic Panels.

Liddel Power Station
Polisher Regeneration Plant - Modicon PLC's interfacing with TIGERS Stations.

Mt. Gambier Power Station
Boiler Control - Tigers SCADA system and Toshiba PLC's interfacing with single loop controllers.

SubStation PLC system for Thyristor Control System.