About Us

Our Expertise

APC Integration has over 25 years' of experience working with all areas of industry; however there are some areas that we highly excel in. These are, but not limited to:

Motion Control

APCI have been involved in hundreds of projects that in involve motors, VFD and servo drives. If there is a project that needs motion control, we can partner with you to achieve the best outcome.

Custom software solutions

APCI is one of the few integration companies that write their own software. We have an experienced team that can write or customize software to match your needs exactly. We have a number of existing software solutions available to a number to industries.

Theatre & Event Automation

APCI are the leaders in Australia when it comes to theatre automation. We have automated large events such as the Sydney Olympic Games, Phantom of the Opera, Grease and The Lion King to name a few. We have over 15 years' experience in stage show and fixed automation.

Water projects

APCI have a long history of working with water. We installed the first PLC based automation systems into a number of plants around Australia and even wrote our own Tigers SCADA system for control.

Energy Monitoring & Management

APCI has partnered with leading energy data management providers, enabling us to achieve a level of energy monitoring & reporting unsurpassed by any other product on the market. When it comes to energy monitoring and reducing costs, APCI is your best choice. Not only can we implement the monitoring, we are also able to take action to reduce your energy usage.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

APC Integration has a diverse background working with RFID. We have worked with custom solutions for product identification, long distance reading and even high speed reading of RFID tags.

Industry Associations

Association for Manufacturing Excellence
Australian Industry Group, SA Branch
Registered MICROSOFT Partner
Electrical Contractors Licence: PGE 226041
Growth Member - Water Industry Alliance
Inskill S.A. Member