29/04/2016: Sunset of the 2G/GSM Network

Phone towerIt has been estimated that more than half of the currently deployed cellular M2M systems are still on the second-generation mobile network, so the impact of its imminent shutdown will be deep & widespread. The 2G shutdown is reminiscent of the Y2K bug – except that negative outcomes are guaranteed, not simply widely feared possibilities.

Currently, the Telstra 900MHz 2G network is due to be shut down on December 1st 2016, while Optus is planning to shut down its 2G network on April 1st 2017. While transitioning to the Vodafone 2G network (shutdown plans yet to be announced) might be effective as a short term stop-gap measure, it is not a long term solution.

Managing the transition to 3G or 4G/LTE is a process that frequently requires more than simple hardware replacement, and can be considerably more complex when the 2G module is deeply integrated within a hardware system. Careful planning will be required, and the exercise is best undertaken with a trusted partner to ensure the smoothest possible changeover. Additionally, the migration process can also be used as an opportunity to re-evaluate, improve and optimize your whole communications strategy and infrastructure.

APC Integration has a wealth of experience at dealing with cellular communications, and with transitioning systems to new communications technologies - even when dealing with legacy systems where the dependency on obsolete communications infrastructure is deeply embedded in the design. For example, we successfully migrated a 65 site Australia-wide X25 dial-up network to 3G despite much of the system software being inextricably dependent upon dial-up modems. This example, along with our experience at delivering Telstra 3G and cloud-based solutions, demonstrates the depth of expertise which makes us ideally placed to assist you with your strategy for dealing with the impending 2G sunset with minimal risk.

29/03/2016: New premises at Cheltenham

Port Rd PremisesHaving outgrown the Stepney site, APC Integration has moved to expanded and improved premises at: 

987 Port Rd 
Cheltenham SA 5014 

Our other contact details remain the same: 

Ph:   +61 8 8366 2300 
Fax:  +61 8 8366 2366


30/12/2015: Sean Reynolds: University Placement

In August APC Integration took on Sean Reynolds as part of our University Placement Program. A student at Flinders University, Sean is undertaking a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) (Honours). During his time with us Sean proved to be a huge asset to the APC Integration team and featured on a number of large projects. His contributions included:

  • Help with FD, FAT, and SATS. Reynolds University Placement
  • PLC, HMI, and Commissioning
  • Telemetry work
  • Radio setup and commissioning for a WWTP
  • Production of electrical drawings


10/12/2015: We're Growing!

It has been a busy year for APC Integration and the increased workload has allowed us to hire 4 new staff members. APCI wishes to welcome the following additions to the team:

  • Luke Grinter - Graduate Engineer
    Luke came to APCI on a twelve week placement at the beginning of the year. Upon graduating, he chose to accept a permanent position with us. During his time at APCI Luke has assisted with the electrical design and installation of some major projects.
  • Norman Rhodes - Buisness Developemnt Executive
    Norman joined APCI in April, filling the shoes of former BD Executive Michael LeVene. Norman has many years of sales experience, most recently with Waterways Products, ChemDose Services and Hydramet.
  • Carl Clensy - Project Manager
    Carl Clensy started working for APC Integration in October 2015 in the role of Project Manager. He previously worked on Gas Generation Power Station Projects for the APLNG gas fields in Queensland. Since commencing work at APCI, Carl  has been involved in projects for the Menindee Water Treatment Plant.
  • Frank Pacini - Estimator
    Frank Pacini commenced 7th December as an Estimator. He previously worked as an IE Project Superintendent and Manager in Oil and Gas Processing and Water Infrastructure. Since commencing work at APCI, he has been involved in estimating works for a quarry expansion in Victoria.

03/12/2015: Pump station upgrade employs latest VFD technology

APC Integration has successfully completed the Warren Reservoir Transfer Main Capacity Upgrade project. This project involved the design, supply and installation of an upgraded switchboard, new HMI and motorized valve actuators, as well as the replacement of the existing soft-starter / motor with a new 355kW motor and Variable Frequency Drive. The 400kW Schneider Altivar-Plus LH (Low Harmonic) VFD incorporates Active Front-End technology which greatly reduces the harmonics (i.e. current distortion) imposed upon the power distribution system, and does so at considerably lower cost and with greater efficiency than the passive filter-based solutions typically deployed with conventional VFDs.

01/09/2015: Cats soar to new heights of safety

The StageMaster automation system for Cats the Musical was recently upgraded to meet 21st century safety standards.

The enhancements to the flying system included equipping each winch with dual redundant safety rated overspeed encoders (ABB Pluto), limit switches and brakes (INTORQ) making them suitable for flying dead hung loads above performers, and ensuring that the system complies with both AS1418 (Crane Code) and AS4024 (Safety Of Machinery).

30/07/2015: Roy Armstrong's Retirement

In June Roy Armstrong made the decision to retire from APC Integration. During his time here Roy has been a great mentor and his knowledge of managing business has been invaluable.  APCI would like to thank Roy for helping to keep the ship steady over the past 5 years.

01/12/2014: Luke Grinter: University Placement

Recently completing a bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Adelaide, Luke is currently undertaking a twelve week placement with APC Integration.

During his time at APCI he has been assisting with quoting, FAT testing, documentation and programming.

13/11/2014: Josh Petrohilos: University Placement

jpFor the last 5 months APCI have had the assistance of Joshua Petrohilos, a Flinders University 3rd year student completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics) / Master of Engineering (Electronics) degree.

Josh has made a valuable contribution on these projects:

  • Hummus Project: Development of HMI Screens and PLC Code.
  • SRS/Meadows WWTP: Development of Application to obtain data from on-site SCADA.
  • Metro Chlorine Analysers: Development of PLC Code to control a waste pump.

29/10/2014: Certification of the Integrated Management System

On 24th October 2014 APC Integration received independent Certification of the Integrated Management System to the ISO9001:2008 Quality, ISO14001:2004 Environmental, and AS/NZS4801:2001 Safety Standards

“This registration covers the Integrated Management System for the provision of the electrical design, component supply, build, programming, test, installation, commissioning, warranty and service of industrial control systems and machinery for our clients”.

Congratulations to the team for achieving this internationally recognised certification.

Quality Management Enviromental Management Safety Managment JAS-ANZ small

01/10/2013: New Staff!

APC Integration is pleased to welcome Ray Norman, Ken Birbeck and Kimberly Aish to the team!

Ray is a first year electrical apprentice studying industrial automation and control systems. Since joining us in July, Ray has been presented with a wide range of learning opportunities and has quickly become a huge asset to the company.

Graduating from Flinders University with a Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics) and second class honours, Ken is back at APCI after completing his university placement with us in 2012. As a graduate engineer, Ken has been working on software development including HMI, PLC, and SCADA.

Kimberly has joined APCI as a Finance and Administration Assistant. Since commencing work in August Kim has been responsible for the tracking of goods in and out, supporting staff with purchasing and accounts payable and receivable.

03/05/2013: PACE Zenith Award Double Finalist!

APC Integration has been recognised as one of six finalists at the 2013 Process and Control Engineering (PACE) Zenith Awards for their work on the Common Pump Station Design project.  

The PACE Zenith Awards bring together some of the biggest names in Process Control, Instrumentation and Automation to celebrate the achievements of the people and companies who have shown innovation and superior performance during the year.

Nominated in both the Transport, Power & Infrastructure and Water & Wastewater categories APCI is honoured by this nomination.  

ZenithThe Common Pump Station Design project began when six local councils in the South East of the State agreed to conduct a pilot study to assess the benefit of an across-Council's joint service arrangement.

There existed different switchgear and ways of operation between the various council wastewater systems and there was an obvious need to improve compliance and upgrade emergency communications systems. 

APC Integration was commissioned to create a common design and standard for all community wastewater management systems across the respective council regions.

Common hardware would result in bulk purchasing discounts, reduced spares, simplified maintenance and reduced training for staff.

A unique aspect of this project was designing a system that could be used by six different councils with shared resources while controlling how much of the data can be shared between councils.

Michael LeVene, APCI’s business development executive, explains that “this was a tricky political situation, and the solution was to avoid storing data at any of the council depots and instead use a 'cloud' based design”.

Once fully implemented, this pilot project is likely to provide a strong impetus for promotion of the model to other regions across the state, as well as potentially to other regions across Australia..

You can read more about this project in the February issue of PACE Today.


01/02/2013: APC Integration Featured in PACE Magazine

PACE1APC Integration has been featured in this month’s issue of PACE (Process and Control Engineering) Magazine. The article discusses the Common Pump Station Design whereby APCI was commissioned to develop a common design and standard for all community wastewater management systems across certain council regions.

You can read the full article here.

31/07/2012: APC Integration Welcomes New Staff

Cherise Boothey (far right) acting as Administration Assistant commenced work on the 30th May. She has recently completed her first year of university study focusing on Medical and Health science as well as nursing. Since starting at APCI, Cherise has been assisting staff with purchasing, goods in and out, accounts and various other administrative functions.

Nik Bakht (far left) began working on the 18th June as an Estimator. He previously worked as a plant and production engineer and an electrical engineer. Since commencing work at APCI, Nik has been involved in the Alice Springs water treatment plant and the Robe water treatment plant, analysing the documentation to prepare material, time, labour and cost estimates.

David Roe (mid right) was appointed as a Senior Design Engineer on the 2nd July, focusing on electrical and automation design. David has previously been involved in Parafield ASR project, Bald Hill WWTP, Wattle Park Pump station and chlorine upgrade as well as managing the Reverse osmosis plant installation at BHP.Staff

Denise Seeberger (mid left) began work as a Graduate Engineer for APCI on 31st July. She completed her Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2011, including honours (Class 1). Since graduating Denise has held a System Engineering Graduate role, prior to starting at APCI. Her attitude to work has given her the opportunity at APCI to work on the Hahndorf WWTP with guidance from Senior Design Engineers.

30/07/2012: APC Integration Appointed to SA Water Automation Panel

Since implementing a new company structure and new directors in 2009 APC Integration has become highly competitive in the SA Waterwater industry. Water is of great importance, and the passion we have for this type of work and the opportunities presented are clearly shown through the attitudes of the APCI team.  

Anthony Dally (Managing Director) headed the application for the SA Water Automation Panel, and received continuous support from APCI staff. APCI engineers have become highly familiar, and confident in implementing SA Water standards. This along with the experience, prompt service and excellent workmanship, secured APC Integration a place on the SA Water Automation Panel.

The SA Water Automation Panel will provide many opportunities for work, and in turn increase the business’s reputation within the water industry. We are proud to see the hard work of staff has paid off, in particular, those who were involved of the application process.

03/07/2012: Hahndorf Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

Hahndorf WWTPAPC Integration has won the Electrical and Control contract for the Hahndorf Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade.

This project involves the design, supply and installation for the upgrade of the Hahndorf WWTP Chlorine dosing station. The system includes new controls and safety features in compliance with safety regulations and has been resituated in a larger room. The existing chlorinator will be incorporated into the new 3x3 duty/standby chlorination system.

02/06/2012: Glynn Osborne

Glynn OsborneStaff at APCI and within the electrical and manufacturing industry were saddened at the sudden passing of our well-respected colleague, Glynn Osborne. Glynn had been with our company for 6 years as a purchasing officer, and brought many years of knowledge with him. Glynn's family were overwhelmed by the attendees at his funeral, and also the number of messages from current and ex-colleagues, and all who knew him in the industry.

03/05/2012: Common Pump Station Control Design

SE CWMSThe South East Council User Group has recognised the long term benefits of investing in and maintaining the common pump station control systems. APC Integration has identified the electrical and functional requirements for this system including specifications written for Local Government Association for SA Councils common control and SCADA design.

Additional safety measures were included as per the requirements for safe maintenance by a range of people. This includes the ability to operate all controls and read meters without removal of covers or exposure to live components.

16/04/2012: Adelaide Airport - Early Contractor Involvement

The ECI phase leads the design process to the final concept stage, ensures an easily buildable design, monitors the effects of design changes, provides an open book estimate as the design progresses and provides a robust construction cost. Through the ECI phase APC Integration detailed the control system, input and output requirements, HMI/SCADA interface and various other components of the Adelaide Airport Stormwater Reuse Scheme.

The Adelaide Airport ASR scheme is a water recovery project whereby stormwater is harvested from Brownhill Creek, filtered via media filtration and biofiltration, injected into the T2 aquifer for storage before being extracted to be used for irrigation and other non-potable purposes when required.

12/07/2011: Nordic ID Merlin HF Blade

The Nordic ID Merlin HF RFID Blade mobile computer follows the successful footsteps of our UHF RFID devices. As a robust, best-in-class HF RFID reader, it is a reliable working tool for various environments and verticals. Nordic ID Merlin Blade is proven to be very efficient for example in libraries & archives and also in laundry solutions. In addition to the powerful Blade antenna, Nordic ID Merlin HF RFID devices are available with an internal HF antenna

Nordic ID Merlin HF RFID and Nordic ID Merlin HF RFID BLADE replace Nordic ID PL3000 HF RFID units

Nordic ID PL3000 HF versions will be replaced by Nordic ID Merlin HF RFID and Nordic ID Merlin HF RFID Blade. The EOL versions can be purchased until 30th September 2011 and after EOL if agreed separately. Service and support of the EOL versions is planned to continue until 31st March 2016